Our Heart for Small Business

We want to work with local small business owners!

Over the years of living in small towns in rural Wisconsin, we have developed a heart for small business.

When we lived in Richland Center, I worked for Richland Main Street, a downtown revitalization effort. I found the work to be exciting and important. The heartbeat of a small town is its downtown business district.

This commitment continued when we moved to Black River Falls, where my husband worked closely with the Chamber of Commerce, even acting as an Ambassador on their behalf for a time.

Now we have moved to Tomah and we are blessed with another lovely downtown. We want to see it grow and flourish.

And we’re going to help see that happen!

We offer all small businesses a special discount when they combine our services.  We regularly visit with our downtown businesses to learn about their needs and their goals. If we can help them meet those needs or reach those goals, all the better.

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Hey! Take some time this week to shop in YOUR downtown! There are some really neat business owners out there.